Covid turned me into the lunch lady: Quick Beef And Broccoli

I’m usually good about staying on top of my new role as “The Lunch Lady” due to Covid. However, one day I wasn’t as prepared. My 9-5 job was chaotic, fulfilling cookie others had gotten busy and my child yells out that it’s almost lunch time. She’s a virtual learner now which adds to my normal list. I had no clue on food options for lunch. I knew I had thinly sliced beef in the fridge thawing out. I looked to se what veggies I had and beef and broccoli came to mind because my child loves soy sauce.

I put this video together to show hard working parents that lunch during Covid can be quick and easy. Go with quick options that can be fulfilling yet yummy.

Recipe in video

Watch the video fir the full recipe of step by step guide. Just don’t forget to use sesame oil to cook meat and add brown sugar to you soy sauce mix.

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