#1 Healthy Eating Challenge For BEGINNERS

If you’re reading this it means you’ve thought about ways to eat better. To be honest the whole idea itself can be depressing. To think, the food you’ve eaten for twenty years plus gone in a snap. It’s challenging for sure. This is why I suggest to take it slow. It takes 21 days to form a habit. If you can hang in there then you’ve made it through the beginning.

This whole losing weight crap puts enough pressure on you and I’m sure you have other day to day concerns. I don’t even look at this challenge in that way. Call it a craving challenge, a healthier eating challenge, kick ass challenge, whatever you want. Just change your mindset of what you’re eating and why. You can still enjoy great food and it still be healthy. Few years ago I was dead set that I wasn’t going to eat rice cakes. Well one day I tried the caramel flavor, blew my mind (haha).

A few things I take note of are:

If the food is homemade or cooked from scratch, if there are natural sugars, locally raised meats (you can ask the butcher where the meat products are purchased from), and what my liquid intake is. So that I won’t tape my child to the chair (jk-seriously) I still will enjoy a glass or two of wine. You can even have a skinny margarita or beer but just in moderation.

Types of food I try to avoid are:

Fast food, deep fried foods, artificial sweeteners, white flour, and the hardest thing for me to avoid… chips and candy. I hardly ever drink sodas so that doesn’t bother me.

“THE CHALLENGE “is to trade in 5 bad foods you normally would have and replace it with a healthier option. I’ve made note of some options you could use to trade in and base your selection off that or more of what your taste buds can handle. Start to walk more. This can be right in your home. So if you have to clean more often or vacuum just do more to get steps in. The last thing is to increase your water intake. Don’t try to overdue it, I don’t want you out here looking like a light pole (smile). Enjoy yourself and let’s get this started!


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