5 Easy Meals For Dinner

Rosemary Chicken Salad

As a mother who’s child is very active in after school programs and as an entrepreneur, I found it difficult to make good home cooked meals. I use to think there’s no time at all to cook when I had to help with homework, clean the house, make sure my child got into the bath tub, cook for clients, and cook for the house. First sign of it being a lot to do on my home duty list I would grab fast food. However I’ve found that you can still manage to eat nutritious home cooked meals while having a lot to do. I’ll be going over some of my top 5 meals that my daughter loves to eat for dinner, which is quick and easy.

The first is this Rosemary Chicken Salad with bacon. I just love me a good salad. So much you can do with a salad. I like to add different veggies and cheeses to my salad. Since I have family in the country I often eat like them. So I like to put pickles on my salad. It gives it this crunch and adds salt so you don’t have to. Some of my other faves to add to a salad are:





•Bleu Cheese crumbles

•Dried Fruits and non dried


Chicken & Shrimp Bow Tie Pasta

My favorite go to meal would have to be my Chicken and shrimp bow tie pasta. Yummy, right? I boil the pasta with a little oil to keep the noodle from sticking. If you want a bit of flavor to them use bacon grease. The chicken and shrimp does not take too long to cook either. Maybe 15 minutes for them. Now I don’t use bottle Alfredo sauce. I like to use whipping cream to make my roux sauce. To make it a little thick just add a bit of flour but not too much. You can also add broccoli or spinach to this dish as well.

Chicken Teriyaki

Homemade chicken teriyaki is one dish anyone can make. The two main ingredients are chicken and broccoli. Not too expensive huh? I would say you can make this meal with $10-$15. That’s what I like most is that it’s cheap. Kids love soy sauce just as well as they like teriyaki sauce. So getting them to eat the broccoli in this dish shouldn’t be hard AT ALL.

Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken w/ Baby Broccoli

If it’s hard to tell by now, I LOVE ME SOME BROCCOLI. This dish can totally be made with no bacon if you’re not a pork eater. I also try to make sure my child gets enough fiber. After all health is wealth right? Or at least that’s what they say. This meal can be prepared and thrown in the oven. This will give you time to do other things like clean up, make dessert, prepare the table, or catch your favorite show on TV. I used Alegro marinade on my meat with this dish. Check them out on social sites like Instagram to see a list of their marinades.

Turkey Penne Pasta

Ok last one! This one is one of my clients favorite for whom I do meal preps for. Yet still quick and easy to make. Boiling pasta and cooking chicken can’t be too hard. For the sauce on this dish I used grilled tomatoes and chopped them up, then cooked it over the stove to make the sauce. Normally you would see chicken paired with this pasta dish, since this was a meal prep I decided to keep it on the healthy side with turkey. It’s a win with chicken or turkey. Be sure not to overcook the turkey as it can dry out just as chicken. Another thing I’ve noticed was turkey takes a bit more seasoning to actually catch the flavor in it. For this I use my own or Nature’s seasoning since they’re both MSG FREE!


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