Texas BBQ ~ Hard Eight Style

This right here is my kind of BBQ. I’m a huge fan of Hard Eight BBQ. I mainly visit two locations in Texas, and that’s in the cities of Coppell and The Colony. The first time I had it was in Coppell. Both locations gives you the same respect, laughter, and great staff. Ok so let’s just get into BBQ. I love when it’s been smoked for hours with the juices dripping causing that sizzling sound. The smell of the maple wood just makes my stomach growl. I don’t eat BBQ from many places, there’s about a handful of establishments I go to in Texas. I’m also on both sides of the fence. You know how people refer to locations in “the hood” as hole in the wall and any place in a “suburban “ like community is upscale. Well my few places are from both sides. My stomach does not discriminate against good food (haha).

As for Hard Eight, they have large grills right outside as you walk in to order your meats. They have a little bit of everything from Steaks, Jalapeño Poppers, Ham, Ribs and more. I love the fact that I can see my food and pick out which piece I want. Now you may get one of those small white containers to hold your meat but more than likely they’ll slap in on a piece of paper and send you up the line. Here you also have the chance to handpick some of your sides. I’ve tried plenty from this grill and have not experienced a bad time at this establishment.

What does good barbecue taste like to me? I’d say some that’s well seasoned that I can enjoy without barbecue sauce. I also tend to eat my barbecue with fresh sliced onions and jalapeños. Now if I taste it and can enjoy my food without then I know it’s good. Hard Eight has a way of blending perfect seasonings for their meat. As for the sides options are pretty much the same as other locations may be. The have jalapeño cream corn, salad, fruit salad, baked potatoes, fries, and more. After you’ve picked up your food and pay (if you’re an adult) you may wanna stop by the bar and grab a tasty beverage. Otherwise head out to grab seating. Depending on what day and time it is this place can get busy, but they also have good seating inside and a covered outside area. While you’re filling your cup ( non- alcoholic) in the back, take a peak over into the huge pot next to the soda fountain. Inside the pot are some beans that sit on this single burner. The beans are considered FREE. So you might as well taste them you’d be very surprised about the taste. I look forward to them every time I visit.

Bottom line the food is undeniably GREAT! If you’re ever in these areas (Coppell, Texas OR The Colony, Texas) please make sure you visit. The prices are reasonable for the amount of food given. The meat is extra tender. This is important for those of us who can only eat on one side (haha, I’ve been there). The staff keeps it very tidy and clean so that will never be a issue. The other guest that dines with you must get hit with the vibe as soon as they walk in because it’s one of those places that really feels like a family dinner. Whether you’re there in a group on eating alone, someone on the staffs team will come by to ask how are you and if everything is ok. More than likely it’ll be the manager.

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