Over night slow cooked beans!

Since we’ll all be in the house I wanted to do a dish that’s fitting. I’m in Texas and the weather here has been up and down. I figured beans combined with ham hocks and smoked neck bones, some good southern cornbread, and some baked turkey wings would be perfect for me to catch the itis and go to sleep. Tune in later to see it all unfold but I wanted to share a quick view of the Over Night Beans. Now if you prefer turkey for this dish only I would suggest you use smoked turkey necks. They are just as delicious. As for seasoning you can use what’s good for you. I had the options of seasonings such as smoked black pepper, cumin , garlic, onion powder, and other spices. I just used what I like and you can do the same. Enjoy and come back to share your experience.


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