Boujee Sangria

Boujee Sangria

Interested in the secret to white wine sangria? Moscato of course, duh! This sangria is full of flavor and sweet but not too sweet considering what’s all in it. Of course you look at this picture and think “ she’s messed it up with ice. Who adds ice to a sangria? Well, I do because this is not regular ice. I’ll go over that later now that I have your attention. I love a good sangria. Especially one that is full of flavor. I’m not one that must have a lot of fruit in their cup. I go more off the flavor of the drink. Too much fruit feels like I’m eating something really juicy vs it being a drink. Sangrias are of the most popular alcoholic drink in the Spanish culture. This drink normally consist of fruit, wine, and maybe spirits.

As for my ingredients, I used a Moscato for the wine. I used a moscato because it’s one of my favorites and I liked the amount of sweetness. However when making a sangria it’s totally up to you whether or not you want a white or red wine. As for the amount to use, it depends on how many glasses you plan to have. A sangria can be made strong or weak. The question becomes are you trying to relax, get tipsy, or have blurred vision?


1 part Moscato

A splash of blueberry lemonade

Peach Grand Marnier

30 blueberries

Few chunks of fresh pineapple

Ice tray

Measuring cup

I first made ice by using moscato infused with Grand Marnier and dropped some fruit in. I did this the day prior to when I made the drink. I wanted to be sure it would be good and frozen. The next day once I had hard frozen ice cubes I started mixing things up. After you add the ice, pour in the moscato. Next your splash of juice. Now you have a pink moscato! Finally I added a floater of Grand Marnier just to turn my drink up a notch. If you’re not a fan of Grand Marnier you can use a brandy or even a bourbon. It’s totally your call.

Check out how I made my drink here:

Go get boujee on them one time. Grab some finger food and call your friends over and have a good time!


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