Orange Chicken Recipe

Bwok Bwok chicken chicken, chicken dinner! Did you know there are more than 365 ways to prep chicken? (Haha) When I was about 27yrs old, my grandmother had given me a book by Cheryl Sedeker. She covered 365 different meals involving chicken. I found this book to be handy as I, a new mother, trying to satisfy a guy and a baby whom both loved chicken. Great book for entertaining guest or just making another home cooked meal. As my recipe for Orange Chicken hadn’t come from this book, the inspiration from making so many other dishes did.

My daughters palate had not been experienced enough to like a lot of things that we as adults might have enjoyed. So I thought, what does my child like? Sweets and oranges! Being that she was already a big fan of rice, pairing it with the orange chicken would’ve been the best idea. Especially if I excepted her to get full.

If you don’t have kids this meal is still for you too. It’s so easy and quick even a guy who’s typically not in the kitchen could follow along with no issues. I made this dish in a crockpot because I figured I wouldn’t have to be standing over it in the kitchen. The flavors could also come together marinating while cooking. The best part I COULD GET OTHER THINGS DONE!

I hope you and your family enjoy this dish as much as I have. And before you go, support the team. Hit the like button below.

Orange chicken recipe

1 jar of mandarin orange jelly

1/2 c Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce

1tsp Soy Sauce

Pinch of fresh cut ginger

Coconut flour

Grease ( I used coconut oil)

Natures seasoning

In crockpot pour jelly, bbq sauce, soy sauce, and ginger and allow to cook on low ( keep eye on it, making sure to stir often)

Clean chicken then cut into bite size pieces. Season to your taste with nature’s seasoning then coat LIGHTLY with coconut flour. Pour grease into pan once hot drop chicken. Once done pour chicken into jelly mixture. Allow to cook 30-45 minutes now on HIGH. Continue to check and stir. Once done serve with rice and enjoy 😉


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