Maker’s Mark Whiskey

For those of us whom prefer dark vs clear, I encourage you to try Maker’s Mark Whiskey. To me dark liquor doesn’t give you that morning hangover. I’m not a fan of that feeling and I’ve had my share of nights (haha). This brand is not expensive but it’s definitely a top choice in Whiskey. I also don’t believe the stigma that only men drink whiskey. Whiskey can be dolled up to be a ladies drink and one for the fellas.

My first time trying any whiskey was with my mother. I trust her judgement on liquors. She showed me how to prep a Whiskey Sour. Oh boy was it good and got me exactly where I needed to be. I wasn’t drunk but I was feeling like a light float was happening. I prefer my whiskey as a mixed drink instead of on the rocks. I like sassy yet drinks that you can enjoy both flavors of the liquor and the mixed liquid used. I like a drink with a punch I guess you can say. Also one that I know my limit on.

I jazzed you this Whiskey Sour by adding a little color using Grenadine. The extra flavor and color was just what I had been looking for. You can purchase a 350ml bottle in most places for about $19-$25. Before I give the recipe to the way I like it. Please be advised you can make this drink to your likings. This isn’t a drink just for the ladies, men have enjoyed it as well.

2 shots of Maker’s Mark

1/2 cup Stone Sour

1tbsp Grenadine

2 cubes of ice

Cocktail shaker

Drinking glass

To view full video of products used please click on link below . And before you go please like this post and share!


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