Crabbin it up at The Crab Station Carrollton (My Review)

My cousin has gone on a date and was taken here recently. She comes back and says hey there’s this place we have to go to! It’s wayyyy better than She’ll Shack (another crab restaurant). I’m like ok cool I’m down to go. I’m always in favor of good seafood. So a few days later we decided to have a girls day and go.

We get there and the waitress tells us they are understaffed and the wait would be about ten minutes. Cool no problem. My cousin says this isn’t the location she’d gone to😞. There’s another in The Colony. However we waited our ten minutes (which seemed fast) and were seated. I had noticed some things that were a bit different than I was expecting. SNOW CRAB was $25/lb. I am used to paying about $20/lb (haha) sorry. Anywho, we got our menus and I tried to piece together what I’d wanted. I knew I wanted fries instead of potatoes, but they had no broccoli to add to my bag. That was a bit disappointing.

I also was concerned that the waitress said there was no corn 😳🤬. Then there was corn but it wasn’t thawed out. So we weren’t able to order any. I mean corn is s big part of this meal. That’s like saying there’s no cheese for my cheese burger. The waiter didn’t put the bib around our necks, guess it was our own job to do. I ordered a pound of snow crab, Cajun fries, sausage, and a lemonade. The flavor was Flame Thrower. It was supposed to be hot like the one before their TKO hot flavor. Needless to say I was expecting my nose to run.

The taste was very satisfying but it was not hot. The crab legs given were a few more than I expected and they were bigger. Now seeing why they probably charged a little extra for them. I had no corn, they charged $2 for this small piece of sausage, and no extra to add to my bag. I’m a bit confused on this place with my review. I’m stuck on the things I didn’t like but they also had some things I did like. At the end when it was time to pay, things got a bit challenging. The staff charged my cousin for more than what she got and it seemed to be something they didn’t want to handle. I will say I will not let this experience be my last. Well for this location yes, but I will go to a different one the next time. You learn and you move on.


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