The Spoiled American Travels To Nigeria

A trip to Nigeria? Heck yeah, I was so hyped about going. This trip was definitely one off the bucket list. I wasn’t so excited about the flight time being seventeen hours. However, I was on my way to Nigeria.

Views Over Nigeria

I was in Nigeria for three weeks. So i had a chance to visit a few great spots. Luckily I went with someone whom I knew. This made blending in without looking like a tourist easy. I had insight on what was actually going on there and really experience the culture. A few things to be mindful of when traveling here. Many areas do not have 24 hr electricity. Many families use generators for lights at night and the sun during the day. If you’re not fortunate to have a generator, you’ll have to use candles. I mean you could be watching tv enjoying the A/C and all of a sudden the generator goes out. As an American I was not use to this at all. The cost of living coming from America is very cheap. Also food, clothes, getting hair done and more.

Dinning Out

I did have the pleasure to eat out a few times. This was so fun and the people were super friendly. One of my favorite things to eat while there was the BBQ fish. Oh my God how good. The flavors from the seasoning over the fire blends very well for an experienced palate.

BBQ Catfish

The catfish was so big that 5 people could eat off of one and be full. Five adult people at that. This is definitely one meal you wouldn’t want to miss out on. I had many dishes there. Another favorite was Spaghetti with Chicken. This was a home cooked meal I was able to enjoy by one of the family member who I was visiting. This spaghetti was very similar to how Americans cook it except it was spicy. I love spicy but was not expecting it that’s for sure. However I enjoyed it nonetheless. This seem to be a easy cheap meal to prepare. All of the food was prepared fresh. You could taste it with every bite.

Nigerian Spaghetti
Eggs and Yams

All fresh fruits and veggies can be purchased from the local village market. Those are fun with so much to see. You may see a mother working with her child on her back. Everyone in Nigeria has some type of work they do. This could even be selling peanuts, cold water, fruit , watches, purses or more on the streets. Each states villages were packed with people. There was never a dull moment here.

I named this blog the spoiled American because I didn’t realize how much we or I took for granted. Life in any state is different but life in a whole different country is a big experience. The houses there was amazing and someone would stand in front to guard your home 24hours a day. The best part is you didn’t have to be “rich” to appreciate this service.

Nigerian home
Drinking water
Mango tree

There were so many pictures taken and some I’ve left out. Didn’t want to bore you all my readers. A few things I will say is although at first I felt uneasy with adjusting to this culture , I will say it is one I will go back to. Travel with friends and have a travel guide. A very big place that’s easy to find and cheap food is Mega Chicken. It’s like a freaking McDonald’s to them. It’s literally on every corner. You may be tired if it after a while but it’s local. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Fresh is fresh for this country. I watched a village slaughter a cow to feed their family. Enjoy the night life in Lagos. They serve some of the best BBQ Fish in these places. Also be prepared for a different taste in your soda. The sugar isn’t the same, it’s sugar cane in most cases. The most important part is enjoy yourself and stay safe.


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