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New Cookbook on Amazon!!

By: Hodge, Natiala

Many of my best childhood memories somehow involves food. Food can be many things. A love, a comforter, nutritionists, etc etc. For me, food is what excites me, what allows me to open my mind to new things, experience different cultures, a railroad to an common ground. Food makes me dance. And let’s just say when I don’t have it there’s about 15 minutes before I change into a whole new being lol. I mean I’m just an angry bird when hungry. As I’m sure we can all say.

I often put meals together just to see the expression on ones face. I’ve taken great pleasure in pleasing people with food. I can only hope by sharing this cookbook it makes you dance and celebrate.

This cookbook offers some great ideas for any lunch/dinner or a get together. Maybe just a night alone even. Dive right in, let’s move our hips and cook!

I would love the opportunity to share this amazing cookbook I’ve worked on. It’s now on Amazon and if you’re a prime member you know you’ll get it quick.

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“The Blend” – An All Purpose Seasoning

Are you one who loves to shop for new seasonings to give your food the best flavor? Look no further. We’ve blended natural herbs and spices together and came up with a masterpiece! We’ve tried this seasoning on salads, seafood, soul food, veggies and more. Every time there is a urge for more. With yummy flavors to bring your food to life this seasoning will cut back on others. Most importantly we’re very low on sodium . The focus here is flavor not salt!

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How to get a TENDER steak!

I can recall years prior before I got into cooking, I would burn down a steak. I wasn’t proud of it but I didn’t get the jist of making it tender without biting it up or letting it bake in the oven with some sort of sauce to it. I’d watch a ton of cooking shows and at first it seemed a bit hard. However I figured out the trick and want to share!

For this tip, simply brown your steak in a cast iron skillet. You can use bacon grease or vegetable oil to do this. The butter I used is garlic butter.

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