How to get a TENDER steak!

I can recall years prior before I got into cooking, I would burn down a steak. I wasn’t proud of it but I didn’t get the jist of making it tender without biting it up or letting it bake in the oven with some sort of sauce to it. I’d watch a ton of cooking shows and at first it seemed a bit hard. However I figured out the trick and want to share!

For this tip, simply brown your steak in a cast iron skillet. You can use bacon grease or vegetable oil to do this. The butter I used is garlic butter.

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COVID-19 Detox

As 2020 has started out horrible, we’ve now been hit with a virus. While I always believe in self care, now it’s more important than ever before. People are actually dying everyday. This virus has claimed the lives of people all ages and every race possible. Whether you take it seriously or not having a detox is good for more than one reason. We’ve learned that COVID-19 can be killed off with vitamin C, heat, and vitamin D. We have also learned this virus is very much common to Pneumonia. Like many, I’ve decided to use a common flu detox that can help keep you healthy and COVID free.

This detox is very simple and anyone can do it. However if you have any allergies or health concerns regarding ingredients used please DO NOT USE. The orange will be used to get the vitamin C. Ginger is used to help with sore throat, it’s also an anti-inflammatory. I used onions because it’s another source of vitamin C. Onion also is attached to an ancient Chinese remedy to place cut onions in your socks to draw out viruses. While this has not been proved it’s still a remedy used today. What many do not know is that Turmeric is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The benefits of all of this can be very beneficial to your health.


Cut all the shown ingredients up and grab some water and a pot. For the orange YOU ONLY NEED THE ZEST OF THE ORANGE. For the turmeric, if you use the grounded kind measure out 1tsp (teaspoon). Combine all the ingredients and allow it to come to a boil. The steam is what you and your guest will inhale and breathe in. It’s good to at least try and inhale this detox for 3-10 minutes. Yes it can be hot, so if you can’t do the full time take a break and come back.

This detox can also be turned into a detox that you drink by adding a little honey. I allowed this mixture to come to a boil. Before anyone could lean their nose over it I poured some out. For the drinkable detox I only took out 1tbsp (table spoon). This is the reason I didn’t add much honey. You can use any honey, my option was organic raw honey. Simple mix the honey and the detox together. This detox can be done daily. You may also use it as a hot toddy or as the same tablespoon if you happen to come down with a cold/flu. To do this, drain the mixture and store the liquid in the refrigerator. DRINK WARM ONLY.

Please, whatever you all do, please stay safe.

Frozen Whiskey Jolly Rancher

I’m a woman who doesn’t fear taking a dance around dark liquor. Whiskey is all in for me. I love a good whiskey sour. However, this particular drink is kicked up a notch. For some drinkers, whiskey can have a bit to it. You know the burn that everyone’s afraid of when taking a shot. This drink eliminates that. Instead it gives it an alternative to an easy way down. That alternative is the jolly ranchers. For this drink I made it with orange and pineapple flavors. This gives it more of a sweet and tangy taste. I’ll just stop and give you the ingredients. Feel free to add as much for your taste.


15 Jolly Ranchers ( flavors orange & pineapple)


Watermelon Margarita Mix

Stoned sour mix


Blend this all in the blender. You don’t want too much ice other wise the it’ll be too thick. This isn’t a margarita we’re making.

Fresh, Canned, or Frozen?

King Crab & Lobster

Nowadays almost every dang thing comes in some sort of fashion as an processed food. I guess along with making everything else in life “faster”, your food would need to become that way as well. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve eaten and still eat some fast food. I’m not trying to push eating fresh is healthy for your diet either. I would just like to share some information with you. For me, I have always loved fresh fruits and veggies. Give me some lemon pepper or ranch and I’m in heaven. I also enjoy some fresh seafood. As for chicken, beef, or turkey I prefer it cooked well done-dead.

Many super markets and farmers market offer fresh fruits and vegetables. These types of establishments are highly likely to get your food fresh from a local area in town. Unlike a regular grocery store. Sometimes there is days or even weeks between when it’s picked and when it arrives and actually displayed for your purchase. You always can check the freshness by observing the color- it should be bright and or lively. Smell it and know when it’s in season. Im also always in the look out for soft spots. This reminds me of the commercial about the tomatoes. People don’t rub and squeeze in the fruit to try to taste it but to judge the freshness.

When you’re buying fresh food or any food, don’t over buy. Meaning don’t buy more than what you need. Unless you’re looking to prep and freeze certain things. Veggies can last in the refrigerator five to seven days. If you buy more than needed you’ll just end up throwing money in the trash. Many times we grocery shop for longer than a week and often end up not using some vegetables in time. Having an idea of what you’re cooking and when is a better way to know how much of these items you may need.

As a shopper , washing your fruits, veggies, and meats should have been something you were doing prior to this date. For me basic water and a little hand rubbing will clean these foods. However if you prefer some sort of solution, that’s fine. Always remember that fruits and vegetables come from the dirt or trees . Between birds and snakes it’s best to wash it off. That’s only two things I’ve named that could possibly touch your food. However if you choose canned or frozen things are different. Fist thing is you won’t get all the nutrients from the vegetables or fruit that’s been canned because it’s processed. By the time they’re done processing the food to last in the can, the benefit of eating a nutritious food is not so beneficial. As for frozen, they’re normally picked and frozen quickly. This makes it easy to obtain more of the nutrients this way. Often times more than fresh and especially more than can. However, most times you’ll find that frozen can be more expensive. As for the taste, I feel like the preseason frozen food often taste like frozen food (which it is), but for me I don’t want me food to taste frozen. I find this a time when you have to manipulate the food to taste as you want.


Being around so much vibrant fruits and vegetables gets me excited to cook. I love the fragrances as they can smell very enticing. Often times I’ll see something that I haven’t. This causes interest to investigate so I may prepare a dish where I can enjoy this newly discovered food. Often times we go off looks, colors, or even odors as to if we’ll eat something. As my grandmother says “you don’t know until you try it”. I’m sure you’ve heard of this before ( haha). I buy fresh often. So there’s little in this produce section that I haven’t tried or will be trying soon.

I encourage you to take a trip to your local farmers market or Supermarket and walk around the produce section. Give the air a sniff and notice the smells. Try something new rather it’s fresh frozen or by can. Just remember to rinse ( if you’re from the south like me, it’s rinch not rinse -lol). Also mix the two and give it a try. Many times you can add fruit to your dish or maybe just the juice of fruit to bring out flavors from other dishes. Just go out and try something new!

Ginger Stir Fry

For my stir fry I decided to go vegan! You can always add to yours if you like to switch things up some. That’s what’s fun about stir fry. You can add different ingredients to come up with the perfect dish. Add what you like. I made this dish while on my own journey. It wasn’t to shed pounds but to just eat better. I’m a firm believer that eating better will show itself off as that is key to other factors of our lives. So whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or any other type of eater this meal is for you.

The biggest flavors in this dish will come from the ginger and garlic. However , spreading a little love using the “Teriyaki “ marinade by Allegro, will take your taste buds on a natural high. I’ve always wondered why some meat marinades don’t offer much flavor and others aren’t meant for every dish. Allegro has many flavors and there’s no comparison.



Fresh green beans

Onions chopped

Fresh garlic minced

Fresh ginger minced


Allegro Teriyaki Marinade

Soy sauce

Coconut oil

Nature’s seasoning

DIRECTIONS *************

Clean broccoli and beans. Chop onions and mince garlic and ginger. Pour oil in pan, enough to cover the bottom. Once hot place ginger, onion, and garlic in the pan until it becomes fragrant. Pour remaining vegetables inside now. Sprinkle (to taste) Natures Seasoning. Allow vegetables to now sauté. You don’t want to over cook and your veggies are mushy. I still enjoy a bit of a bite to mines. About 2 minutes before done, pour in the soy sauce and Teriyaki marinade. Plate it up and dig in.

Berry Pineapple Mar-GRIA

I won’t keep you too long. This recipe is easy and simple but most importantly it’s yummy. I like mixing up different drinks and seeing how they come out. This is just in time for spring. I mean if we get to enjoy it, You can sit out and enjoy this nice weather with a cool little beverage. Hopefully one day we’ll get back to those days. Right now the Rona going on. Everyone’s a bit skeptical about being out and some like “Rona can kiss my ______”.


Frozen Pineapple Juice


Blueberry Lemonade




I didn’t give amounts used because this drink can be made to your own liking. Basically you want to make the margarita using the tequila and frozen pineapple juice as you normally would. Set aside. Now combine the moscato, fruit, and blueberry juice in a separate glass. Once both has been made its time to combine. No, there’s no special way to combine. You can add the margarita to the glass the now Sangria is in or you can pour sangria over the margarita. Either way your taste buds will thank you 😊!

Easy unfrozen meatball recipe

Easy Unfrozen Meatball Recipe 📝 ——————————————————
1lb choice of meat (Turkey, beef, lamb etc)
1/2 C bread crumbs
1Tsp Nature’s Seasoning
1/2Tsp @allegromarinade
1 egg
1 Welch’s grape jelly 20 oz
1 Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce
Let’s cook 👩🏾‍🍳 Heat oven to 400*F, spray your pan with cooking spray ( I use coconut cooking spray). In large bowl combine all ingredients EXCEPT jelly and bbq sauce. Shape your meatballs and place on the pan leaving 2 inch of space in between. Allow to cook for 20-23 minutes. Grab your crock pot and turn on high. Place your cooked meatballs in the pot and NOW pour bbq sauce and jelly over it. Allow to cook for 2-3 hours ( so all the juices and flavors come together). You can leave it or check on it. It’s a crockpot you won’t burn the house down.. ENJOY

Boujee Sangria

Boujee Sangria

Interested in the secret to white wine sangria? Moscato of course, duh! This sangria is full of flavor and sweet but not too sweet considering what’s all in it. Of course you look at this picture and think “ she’s messed it up with ice. Who adds ice to a sangria? Well, I do because this is not regular ice. I’ll go over that later now that I have your attention. I love a good sangria. Especially one that is full of flavor. I’m not one that must have a lot of fruit in their cup. I go more off the flavor of the drink. Too much fruit feels like I’m eating something really juicy vs it being a drink. Sangrias are of the most popular alcoholic drink in the Spanish culture. This drink normally consist of fruit, wine, and maybe spirits.

As for my ingredients, I used a Moscato for the wine. I used a moscato because it’s one of my favorites and I liked the amount of sweetness. However when making a sangria it’s totally up to you whether or not you want a white or red wine. As for the amount to use, it depends on how many glasses you plan to have. A sangria can be made strong or weak. The question becomes are you trying to relax, get tipsy, or have blurred vision?


1 part Moscato

A splash of blueberry lemonade

Peach Grand Marnier

30 blueberries

Few chunks of fresh pineapple

Ice tray

Measuring cup

I first made ice by using moscato infused with Grand Marnier and dropped some fruit in. I did this the day prior to when I made the drink. I wanted to be sure it would be good and frozen. The next day once I had hard frozen ice cubes I started mixing things up. After you add the ice, pour in the moscato. Next your splash of juice. Now you have a pink moscato! Finally I added a floater of Grand Marnier just to turn my drink up a notch. If you’re not a fan of Grand Marnier you can use a brandy or even a bourbon. It’s totally your call.

Check out how I made my drink here:

Go get boujee on them one time. Grab some finger food and call your friends over and have a good time!

Texas BBQ ~ Hard Eight Style

This right here is my kind of BBQ. I’m a huge fan of Hard Eight BBQ. I mainly visit two locations in Texas, and that’s in the cities of Coppell and The Colony. The first time I had it was in Coppell. Both locations gives you the same respect, laughter, and great staff. Ok so let’s just get into BBQ. I love when it’s been smoked for hours with the juices dripping causing that sizzling sound. The smell of the maple wood just makes my stomach growl. I don’t eat BBQ from many places, there’s about a handful of establishments I go to in Texas. I’m also on both sides of the fence. You know how people refer to locations in “the hood” as hole in the wall and any place in a “suburban “ like community is upscale. Well my few places are from both sides. My stomach does not discriminate against good food (haha).

As for Hard Eight, they have large grills right outside as you walk in to order your meats. They have a little bit of everything from Steaks, Jalapeño Poppers, Ham, Ribs and more. I love the fact that I can see my food and pick out which piece I want. Now you may get one of those small white containers to hold your meat but more than likely they’ll slap in on a piece of paper and send you up the line. Here you also have the chance to handpick some of your sides. I’ve tried plenty from this grill and have not experienced a bad time at this establishment.

What does good barbecue taste like to me? I’d say some that’s well seasoned that I can enjoy without barbecue sauce. I also tend to eat my barbecue with fresh sliced onions and jalapeños. Now if I taste it and can enjoy my food without then I know it’s good. Hard Eight has a way of blending perfect seasonings for their meat. As for the sides options are pretty much the same as other locations may be. The have jalapeño cream corn, salad, fruit salad, baked potatoes, fries, and more. After you’ve picked up your food and pay (if you’re an adult) you may wanna stop by the bar and grab a tasty beverage. Otherwise head out to grab seating. Depending on what day and time it is this place can get busy, but they also have good seating inside and a covered outside area. While you’re filling your cup ( non- alcoholic) in the back, take a peak over into the huge pot next to the soda fountain. Inside the pot are some beans that sit on this single burner. The beans are considered FREE. So you might as well taste them you’d be very surprised about the taste. I look forward to them every time I visit.

Bottom line the food is undeniably GREAT! If you’re ever in these areas (Coppell, Texas OR The Colony, Texas) please make sure you visit. The prices are reasonable for the amount of food given. The meat is extra tender. This is important for those of us who can only eat on one side (haha, I’ve been there). The staff keeps it very tidy and clean so that will never be a issue. The other guest that dines with you must get hit with the vibe as soon as they walk in because it’s one of those places that really feels like a family dinner. Whether you’re there in a group on eating alone, someone on the staffs team will come by to ask how are you and if everything is ok. More than likely it’ll be the manager.