Kicked up Shrimp & Broccoli broil! Who’s down to try some?

I’ll first say, YES of course there are many ways to make a broil. This is just my way and I hope you enjoy shrimp and broccoli because baybehh, the two of them together are AMAZING! I’ve been to many seafood places in my life, even cookouts with many great cooks. I think I just got inspiration from them all of how I would want my food cooked and what seasonings I would use.

I’m a BIG fan of seafood so this was right up my alley. I even tried the pescatarian life and well, that’s another story for another time. Let’s just say that. Seafood however can be seasoned many ways and that’s what I love most. I’m big on seasonings too. I think I have an overstock and I’ve decided to create my own. For this dish I went not so traditional on seasoning choices. I chose broccoli to give color and because it’s supposed to be good for you. Health is important right? This is also a dish where you can get your kiddos to EAT THE BROCCOLI! The flavors incorporated in this dish are just simply too amazing for anyone to pass up. Trust me you won’t have any left after you yell out the food is ready so be prepared.

This broil can be prepped in 15 minutes and done in 30 minutes. Another great thing about cooking this dish is the 30 minutes gives you free time since it’s cooked in the oven. I enjoy that small time as a mom. I can use it for spending time with my child or having myself a bit of me time. What mom doesn’t want that? So get your hands washed and let’s get into this.


1lb Shrimp, cleaned and deveined

2 medium size broccoli crowns chopped from stalk

1/2 stick of butter

1 lemon, juice

1/4c Italian dressing

Seasonings: Steak seasonings, Natures, Garlic & herb Old Bay, lemon Old Bay, Ranch seasoning packet (sprinkle it over like seasoning)

**** DIRECTIONS ****

Pre- heat oven to 400 degrees. You can use a cookie baking sheet pan or a deep dish bakeware. You want to line it with foil. Add shrimp to one side and broccoli to the other. Or you can just mix it all together. It’s totally up to you, it doesn’t change the taste of the dish at all. Add the remaining of the ingredients. The seasoning amount can be to your liking. Remember that this is seafood so a little more goes a long way. Once completed cover the top of your dish with foil, folding the ends of every corner. Pop it in the oven for 30 minutes and ENJOY!

Are you the next to try this kicked up recipe? Leave me a comment and send a picture if you do. I can’t wait to see your dish!!

Kick your taste buds up a notch!

Who just wants a 9-5? My story

In 2015, I was working at a corporate office as a Lease Analysts.

Because of the low selection of tasty food and fellow employees who failed to stop and grab breakfast, I decided to start making muffins and small snacks and sell them. It was a HIT! After my shift changed it open time for me to offer full meals to cater for lunch. Which I called “Lunchbox Wednesdays.” I had a good run, but at the same time, I got depressed. Depressed because I could see how I wanted to spread myself over the DFW area, but I couldn’t keep the food warm.

My mom went out and bought items that could help me travel, but it was only a temporary fix. As time went by another shift change at the office came about. This took away lunchbox Wednesday’s. Things in my life were up and down with family, my child, finances, my faith, and work. I took a break for almost a year. I started reading different books on different subjects but all about business. I became encouraged.

I watched people I admired and studied them in a sense. My faith restored. I decided that my cooking business was my definite chief aim and that I had to get uncomfortable to become successful at what I wanted. I decided to push and accomplish something every day that involved Klohee’s Kitchen. I was already working from home, and I felt like God was saying this is the time. If you give me your all, this is time. I decided to listen. I made a brain map and decided to focus on my chief aim in life for the next five years.

I started back making plates for four cities in my surrounding area which lead to the request of other areas. More people from different states started noticing me. I got an idea to ship something that would be good and last when shipping by mail. I came up with a mouthwatering Strawberry lemonade cookie. I broke out of my shyness and started to get the word out. I’ve been able to meet with individuals from our local radio station who liked my cookies so much I was asked to help with a foundation their doing.

I’ve been able to get my cookies out to a few people at Radio One, which I had no idea they would post a response saying they actually tried the cookie and liked it. I’ve come in contact with a manager at a local grocery store who wants to speak to her manager about getting my cookies in their store. I’ve met with an individual who wants to invest in my business. All of these great opportunities because I didn’t give up on me or my faith. I became more focus on what I wanted, and now I know there’s no stopping me.

Where in at now is more than I could imagine. I’m so thankful and humbled by the response of my supporters and those who encourage me, especially my daughter whom I named my business after. I plan to continue to cook and serve these amazing experiences by food and soon have a food truck and then an actual building. In Gods speed!

Has it been a smooth road?
Some struggles are finances. I’ve been off a job than on and now working full time for myself. I have a daughter, and I have to manage my time and when I work. It is really hard when you’re doing it on your own. I’m the manager, promoter, chef, writer, marketing, driver for deliveries, over shipping, and controller of social sites. One thing is that you can say you have experience in multiple categories if you ever need. But for now I’m enjoying the rise of it all.

The rise of a Chef