Best Instagram Hashtags for Food Bloggers


With instagram allowing up to 30 hashtags per post, this makes it easier for new people to find your page. There are many hashtags that people follow on Instagram. One of them being “#FoodPorn”. If you type this into the search bar on Instagram you will find that you can follow or view other post where people have used this tag. Many big social media accounts will not use all 30. This is because they already have the audience they’re needing. However if you are new or wanting to grow your audience, this is the way to go.

Hashtags can be used over and over. I sometimes will go through my post to see which has done well and use the hashtags from that post. If you have a business account you may also check the analytics to see how well the hashtags did for your post. When you’re building your page it can be important to start off isinglass the same tags to make a presence for yourself. The same people following those rage can start to see you often, giving them curiosity to your page.

Example of my hashtag analytics

Hashtags aren’t the only thing that will help attract and hopefully get followers to your page. You also want to make sure you’re posting a good photo. You don’t have to get an photographer but it can help if you are not good at taking photos. Recently I uploaded a photo of my yummy cookies that I sell on my website It was an old photo I had taken and never used. However it was nice enough I thought it may just do ok. To my surprise, with the right tags and great photo it did awesomely.

Check out my photo I used to get an idea of how to post different photos to Instagram.

I post one or two photos a day to my main page giving me the ability to achieve more traffic for the day. I’ve also used hashtags in the Instagram story to show my products like my cookbook “Food Love”, which is also available on Amazon http://Food Love: FALL IN LOVE WITH EASY FRESH RECIPES

To get the more traffic to your page, use these hashtags for your Instagram food blog/ foodie page.

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