Juicing done different

I have been trying to be more observant and knowledgeable about what I eat lately. Well for the past 3 years. I’ve done diets, I’ve fasted, I’ve been vegan, and everything in between. However 3 years ago I decided telling myself “let’s diet” wasn’t what I could continue. For me that term simply didn’t work. It put more stress on me than anything. That’s when the light came on and I said yes to watching how I eat.

When I decided to watch what I ate, it changed things and I started to feel the difference. I felt more energetic for one. I changed things like not eating heavy foods after 8 and if I did my meals early in the day were light. For instance I wouldn’t eat crab legs and all the butter late at night. If so salads or something light during the day. I know I know. This can sometimes be hard to plan out. However if you try it’s better than not.

During my eating changes I noticed that I would normally order a drink with my food. Like an adult beverage. But paying attention to what goes inside me stuck in my head. With my changes I began juicing. One day I got the bright idea I could make a better drink using fresh ingredients and they would taste just as good. So that’s what I did.

I am offering these recipes for those who want to watch what they put into their bodies and those who’s looking for other options when it comes to having a good drink. Please enjoy and drink responsibly.

Cucumber Pineapple Margarita

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