Frozen Whiskey Jolly Rancher

I’m a woman who doesn’t fear taking a dance around dark liquor. Whiskey is all in for me. I love a good whiskey sour. However, this particular drink is kicked up a notch. For some drinkers, whiskey can have a bit to it. You know the burn that everyone’s afraid of when taking a shot. This drink eliminates that. Instead it gives it an alternative to an easy way down. That alternative is the jolly ranchers. For this drink I made it with orange and pineapple flavors. This gives it more of a sweet and tangy taste. I’ll just stop and give you the ingredients. Feel free to add as much for your taste.


15 Jolly Ranchers ( flavors orange & pineapple)


Watermelon Margarita Mix

Stoned sour mix


Blend this all in the blender. You don’t want too much ice other wise the it’ll be too thick. This isn’t a margarita we’re making.


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