Berry Pineapple Mar-GRIA

I won’t keep you too long. This recipe is easy and simple but most importantly it’s yummy. I like mixing up different drinks and seeing how they come out. This is just in time for spring. I mean if we get to enjoy it, You can sit out and enjoy this nice weather with a cool little beverage. Hopefully one day we’ll get back to those days. Right now the Rona going on. Everyone’s a bit skeptical about being out and some like “Rona can kiss my ______”.


Frozen Pineapple Juice


Blueberry Lemonade




I didn’t give amounts used because this drink can be made to your own liking. Basically you want to make the margarita using the tequila and frozen pineapple juice as you normally would. Set aside. Now combine the moscato, fruit, and blueberry juice in a separate glass. Once both has been made its time to combine. No, there’s no special way to combine. You can add the margarita to the glass the now Sangria is in or you can pour sangria over the margarita. Either way your taste buds will thank you 😊!


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