Stop lollipopin and prep

How many of us “are the snack”? At the same time how often is it that we crave to at least feel good? Life isn’t about just looking good, I hope that’s the thought. You want to feel good too. Have you watched the “Red Table Talk” with Jada Pinkett – Smith? She has an episode where her and the fam gets a health screening. We all know them for their roles and Hollywood looks. Well the doctor confirmed their looks BUT also some areas where their health suffered. My take on this is that you can make BETTER decisions when it comes to what you eat which will start to show on its own.

When you think of the words like diet, healthy, non fat, you assume the worst. It definitely feels like someone is asking you to break up with your one true love which is food. If you’re like me you may start having withdrawals IMMEDIATELY! However that can change. Our mind has been programmed to think hearing any words like “diet” means eating tasteless meals. I know for a fact that’s a thing of the past. Many different herbs and spices can naturally kick your meal up a notch. Pairing up the right foods and cooking them different can always make a big difference. For instance, take away seasonings with a lot of salt. Unless you want fat ankles and swollen feet. Instead of eating a lot of beef incorporating ground turkey can be healthier. Turn those beef tacos into turkey tacos, no one would know the difference.

Eating out often is just racking up calories. I know you’re not thinking or caring much when all you’re thinking of is just how good it taste. However, think about how often you don’t wanna play with your kids after work because “you’re tired”. Think about how you get “ the itis” after eating a “good meal”. This is not how food should make you feel. To tell you the truth, the food we have on this planet was meant to fuel us. We watch the news everyday about bio- chemically raised food, yet we indulge none the less. Now I’m not perfect, I eat or have eaten it too. Once you know then you can make the appropriate changes. You can even eat less calories during the week to save the left over calories for the weekend turn up. Example: your daily intake is 2,500. You eat 2,000 a day for five days. By the weekend you have an additional 2,500 calories to split between the 2 days over the weekend, all while staying in budget of your calories. Below are a few ideas of meal preps you can enjoy over the weekend.

1.) Baked Chicken, greens, steamed broccoli.

2.) Chicken spinach quesadilla, snow peas, grapes

3.) Chicken salad, cucumbers, sliced mangoes

4.) Chicken lettuce wraps

5.) Baked chicken, red potatoes, zucchini

6.) Ham & spinach pinwheel, broccoli, red pear slices

7.) Meatless Italian rainbow pasta, cucumbers, pecan and dried cranberries


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