Sea Moss Face Mask? Say what

Yes, you read that right. You can you sea moss gel as a face mask to help clean your pores. It offers so many benefits like antibacterial and antiviral properties, it tightens sagging skin, it’s very hydrating, and more! Many are just now catching on to the benefits that sea moss offers but the truth is , the use of it has been around for years.

When I first heard of sea moss , I was probably like many others, it was only to mix it with food or a drink. I must say I didn’t try to add it to my food but I loved it in my smoothies. I would add about 1-3tsp of sea moss to my smoothie drink every morning. I noticed a different pep in my step as each morning came. It had become something I looked forward to everyday. After I had done some experimenting and reading I decided to try the sea moss on my face!

To view how I used sea moss in my food view the YouTube below.

I am a female in my 30’s and I still experience some acne breakouts to my face. Here recently it seem to have gotten worse so I decided to try some new things. I had read on how sea moss gel could be used as an face mask. The consistency of the gel is thick but I never thought it would turn out the way it did. I looked at this gel on my face and could not help but to think “wtf” was this on my face. It looked like something I can’t say (lol). However I continued. I could not believe how quick I could see some changes.

I would take a makeup brush and just about a teaspoon of sea moss gel. There is no need to wet your face prior to use. Simply apply the gel onto your face. You can even spread over your eyebrows (no harm done). The gel is cold, due to it being kept in the fridge just keep spreading. You don’t want to pack it on either. A little seriously goes a long way. I applied a thin layer, many times having left over gel from the teaspoon used.

Allow the gel to fully dry. This may take 20-30 minutes depending on how thin or thick your layer is on your face. Try to keep your face still. You will feel it working as your pores starts to tighten up.

Once it dries then move your face around to break the tight seal the sea moss gel has made. This will also help when it’s time for you to wash your face.

It washes off very easy with warm water. You instantly feel your pores tighten and your skin smooth as a baby’s bottom. As for the acne breakouts, yes I did see some of the inflammation go down which caused for them to start going away. Keep in mind I also have a regular face routine that I continued while using the sea moss gel. It definitely won my vote!