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Have you heard of FUN SUPPLIEZ? Yes, spelled with a “z”. It’s a new online store that’s launching cool fun, quirky, and inspirational gifts.

All items are custom designed and makes for the perfect gift. Whether it’s for a teacher, nurse, dad, mom, aunt whom ever. Check them out today!

All items are sold directly online for your convenience.

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Inspire the youth with these amazing Lunch Notes!

I trust that speaking positive to ourselves and writing down goals are not only needed for us as adults but also for our children too. The thought is often “kids don’t go through anything “, “kids don’t struggle “, or “they’ll be alright they have no worries”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth . Kids experience many different problems just as adults. It’s worse as their body is changing as well as hormones. Some children are picked on, bullied, go to school hungry, feel ashamed of their bodies- skin- or hair and many more issues that arise.

Inspire the youth

It’s no secret that more adults are seeing the use of speaking positively into their life. We now understand that manifesting can have such a powerful impact to our daily lives. Just last year I manifested myself into a 3 bd 2 bth. I couldn’t believe it. I also have changed my outlook on life’s events as everyday isn’t peaches and cream.

A great way to send your child off to school is with inspiring Lunch Notes. We’ve geared these to display encouraging words and affirmations to get your little one through the day. Give your child the daily “perk up “ with kind words from the heart.

Lunch Notes

Our lunch notes will contain 180 cards. 90 different pre-written cards with positive messages and 90 decorated blank cards for you to add your own positive note.

Lunch Notes

Our cards are unisex for ages 5-11 yrs old. The goal is to teach our children to shine light on themselves and others. With 180 days of active school days, you’ll have one card for each day. Your kid(s) will come home feeling the same love expressed on the lunch notes. Utilize them as conversation starters when picking them up from school. You may even gift them to a friends child. Everyone deserves a little inspiration. Let it come from you.

LUNCH CARDS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE 2022/2023 school semester. To stay updated on dates for this item please follow us on social media! We love making new friends.

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New Cookbook on Amazon!!

By: Hodge, Natiala

Many of my best childhood memories somehow involves food. Food can be many things. A love, a comforter, nutritionists, etc etc. For me, food is what excites me, what allows me to open my mind to new things, experience different cultures, a railroad to an common ground. Food makes me dance. And let’s just say when I don’t have it there’s about 15 minutes before I change into a whole new being lol. I mean I’m just an angry bird when hungry. As I’m sure we can all say.

I often put meals together just to see the expression on ones face. I’ve taken great pleasure in pleasing people with food. I can only hope by sharing this cookbook it makes you dance and celebrate.

This cookbook offers some great ideas for any lunch/dinner or a get together. Maybe just a night alone even. Dive right in, let’s move our hips and cook!

I would love the opportunity to share this amazing cookbook I’ve worked on. It’s now on Amazon and if you’re a prime member you know you’ll get it quick.

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From Corporate to Author!

Hi you guys. If you follow me or happened to stumble across my blog, thank you. I originally built this site so I could build a community that surrounded all things in the kitchen. The kitchen is where you create meals, have family discussions, drink with friends, celebrate, clean, dance, get happy, read mail, talk on the phone, and make so many memories. I also wanted the opportunity to share some of my recipes and get y’all hip to my taste buds also.

To take it back, I’ve always been fund of the kitchen and knew my way around it pretty good. However, one day I decided to get serious. I was working a 9-5 and was getting a new schedule and would have free time. I recall sitting at my desk and speaking to one of the girls about what I could do to build my own path filling in the new free time I’d have. Since I had already been making snacks for some there, like cookies and muffins, I figured I should stick to what I was good at, food. We decided that I should do a “LunchBox Wednesday “. This is where I would be able to get food orders for people I worked with, cook, and deliver to them.

LunchBox Wednesday had been a success. I grew to making deliveries to people outside the office. I was the chef, the photographer, the deliver, I took orders, I ran my own business Facebook and Instagram accounts, I handled the shopping, I mean I played every role. On Instagram I got feedback in response to the post about food. It was cool! I did this for a while , then I had an idea. I didn’t just want to be known in my city. I wanted others to try the foods I made as well. So I came up with the idea to make cookies. This way I could ship them. I did this and it grew a great audience. People were actually buying from me. Maybe I was thinking too far ahead without what some would call “success “, but to me it only gave me more faith to not limit my goals.

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Things had been going good to say the least. I was happy as all get out about how I pushed and overcame many obstacles. I had the support of my family and friends. I then had another idea. I HAD TO GET LEGIT! I then got my LLC, I built a web page and loaded my products on my sites. ( This helped me more than anything. I felt then people would take me serious if I was serious about my business. I still dealt with cooking meals in this time by delivering meal preps to DFW.

One day my friend spoke a challenge to me. She said… you have so much to offer. You should definitely make a cookbook, I know I’ll buy it. – unknown to her this got a spark in my tail. Thinking out again of reaching my audience I had grew, I knew if I did create one and just only sold to her, I would feel yet again accomplished. By setting this plan in motion I started on my way.

Creating a cookbook or any book is not as easy to implement as you think. I mean if you have the coins you could tell a good writer your thoughts and they could do it for you. However if you’re balling on a budget like I was you have to do it yourself and seek out Affordabale help. A book is not as simple as written words and putting pictures to it and loading it up. Did you know you need a freaking INTERIOR DESIGNER! Like what? Lol, yes amongst many others. I made a great connection while out delivering cookies at the radio station when I met Dee Porter. She was about to become an author herself and took on editing my book! So JUNE 5, 2021 I will be releasing my cookbook “Food Love “ ❤️. I hope that you decide to check it out. It’s my first book baby and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

If I have to say anything I will say…. whatever your dreams are you can truly make it work for you. Even if you’re still trying to figure out what that dream is it will come. We all have a purpose in life and we all have talents. Never be afraid to learn, know when to speak and when to observe and learn, know that just because you know one way there are other ways. And never forget God is in control of it all 🙏🏽🙌🏽