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Tropical Mojito 🍹 Recipe below 👇🏾

• 2.5 oz dark rum or gold rum
• 4-5 fresh mint leaves
• 1.5 oz strawberry daiquiri mix
• 3.75 oz Sprite
• ice
• pinch of red and silver edible powder
• 2 tsp frozen tropical fruit
• 1 tsp simple syrup
• 1 tbsp fresh lime juice
• slice of lime (for garnishing)
• small clear Christmas ornament

THE HOW TO~ Add rum, 1 mint leaf, and strawberry daiquiri mix to ornament. Add in the edible powder and shake. Sit to the side. Muddle tropical fruit, simple syrup, 3 mint leaves, and lime juice. Pour into bottom of glass. Then add in the ice. Pour the Sprite over the ice leaving room for the liquor shot. Open the Christmas ornament and flip over into the glass. Empty and mix. Add garnishing and drink 🤗

Drink responsibly



Texas Fruit Punch Recipe!!

If you know Texas you know we love our tea’s and drinks. I want to introduce you to the newest wave that’s been hitting the streets and taking over everyone’s home. It’s our Texas Fruit Punch. This punch has a blend of juices with fresh fruit it’s just soooo good. Especially when you add something extra for the adults! Share this and experience the newest summer drink.

Texas Fruit Punch

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