Pick your own, farm visit

Who knew how fun and relaxing picking your own fruits and vegetables could be! I live in Texas where many people have farms that supplies our local markets and some grocery stores with fresh fruits and vegetables. This day and age eating correctly is one of the most talked about subjects. Now that I’m juicing I felt great about this opportunity.

Pick your own farms allows you entrance on the farm and the opportunity to experience actually picking your own goodies. Not all farms have the same thing. What I’ve learned is that Texas has many berry farms. Strawberry, blackberries, blueberries type fruit. I did find some that offer other options as well. There’s a total of 32 pick your own type farms in Texas. My plan is to visit them all.

The first farm I have visited this trip was Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm. It’s located in Pilot, Texas, which is about an hour away from Farmers Branch/Carrollton, Texas. They can be found on Instagram and Facebook. The day at this location is started at 10AM and last until everything is all gone. Which on my visit took about an hour. I made it there around 10:10 A.M. and I was late! There were so many people already there. So I highly recommend getting there early.

Strawberry plant

Besides the picking of the strawberries they also offer jam and ice cream. There are rules for picking. The pricing is $7/ per pound. Since you can only pick the ripe strawberries and I was late, I didn’t make it out with any strawberries but I did get a plant. There is a line for you to purchase buckets then you go picking and come back to another line to weigh and pay. This is the time you would purchase any extras offered like the jam.

I wasn’t too bombed out about not getting any fruit. The experience itself was so much more rewarding. Plus they had a few props for picture taking, which I took full advantage.

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Date Night

My favorite thing to do is cook. I mean when I really am in the mood, drinks are flowing, music is playing, and my hips are moving! I mean that’s how you know the food will be good. I also love to eat. I mean who doesn’t love food. I think most would say we’re too in love with food. Who cares. When you’re eating with friends or your partner it makes things even better.

Over the weekend it was going to rain. A happy couple asked that I prep them a meal for date night. I took that role on. I had my mind set on how I wanted to set the table . Even better that they wanted seafood (which I just love). I grabbed many item from the dollar store, so this did not cost a lot to set up. I grabbed some small glass vases, white crystal pebbles, candles, table cloth, some glasses to drink out of, flowers, utensils, and napkins. I purchased the other dishes from Kroger’s.

This is the table before I placed everything

The fun part was making the drinks and the food. Let me give you the menu breakdown.

Quiet night in and you Want to avoid the crowds? Dinner for ✌🏾? I got you

The menu was 🔥

Deep dish Garlic Butter King Crab 🦀 topped white golf shrimp 🦐

Lemon baked Lobster over a bed of asparagus marinated in @allegromarinade

Jalapeño cream crab 🦀 mashed potatoes 🥔

Side salad 🥗

Strawberry-watermelon @donjuliotequila Tequila Refresher 🍹

Deep Dish Garlic Butter King Krab
Lemon Baked Lobster

This was so fun to make. The fragrance was unreal. I made everything to where the food all hit at the same time. The guest were in awe of it all.


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The full table view

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Covid turned me into the lunch lady: Quick Beef And Broccoli

I’m usually good about staying on top of my new role as “The Lunch Lady” due to Covid. However, one day I wasn’t as prepared. My 9-5 job was chaotic, fulfilling cookie others had gotten busy and my child yells out that it’s almost lunch time. She’s a virtual learner now which adds to my normal list. I had no clue on food options for lunch. I knew I had thinly sliced beef in the fridge thawing out. I looked to se what veggies I had and beef and broccoli came to mind because my child loves soy sauce.

I put this video together to show hard working parents that lunch during Covid can be quick and easy. Go with quick options that can be fulfilling yet yummy.

Recipe in video

Watch the video fir the full recipe of step by step guide. Just don’t forget to use sesame oil to cook meat and add brown sugar to you soy sauce mix.

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FOUR ingredient Shrimp

Have you ever tasted shrimp so juicy and well seasoned with natural herbs and spices that your mouth just water. I made some shrimp while I was out on vacation and all I had was my seasoning I was promoting. I had to make them perfect I had guest stopping by.

I drove out to the market and picked up some 3 ingredients and went back to my AirBnB. I had only an hour to get an light meal prepared. I had already had shrimp out in the fridge. The ingredients I choose were fresh garlic, butter, and cilantro. I had my own all purpose seasoning “The Blend”.

Just like that, this perfect plate was created! They were so juicy and scrumptious that we couldn’t handle it. Everyone tried being polite however table manners went out the way as the shrimp got low. I used no lemon on this meal. However you may. I took about 10 single cilantro , 3 bulbs on garlic, one stick of butter, and 1tspn 1/2 of the my all purpose seasoning.

The salad I also sprinkled with cilantro, tomatoes, carrots, red onion, cucumber, and a dash of my seasoning. Wow, what a perfect meal. It’s light and fulfilling with a great flavor to it.

My all purpose seasoning “The Blend” is low on sodium. I like to focus or more natural herbs and spices to create the perfect flavors. This seasoning can be enjoyed with any meal.

The Blend: an natural all purpose seasoning

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Koriyaki Asian Grill (Irving, Texas)

Chili’s , cloves, garlic, fennel seeds, and ginger root are some of the spices you’d smell entering any Asian food joint. These bold flavors make up some of our favorite dishes we love today. I’d heard about this “low key” spot in Irving, Texas. My friend is an foodie so I knew it had to be worth tasting TWICE. The original word of mouth also said it was inexpensive, so you know I was in. This restaurant is kind of tucked away in the sense that if you’re not in the area much you won’t know about it. I highly recommend you try Koriyaki Asian Grill though. Let me tell and show you why.

Like any place you may visit, you would expect great customer service. The staff here has covered that. They’re very comfortable with their customers and it shows. Everyone greats you. I mean when I walked in I was greeted by the chef then quickly by the person whom was going to take my order. The menu was easy to read with prices. As the menu showed prices for the plate there was a big sign that advised of an add on for a drink and spring roll. THE PRICE WAS UNDER $2. So instantly in my mind I’m thinking “ Winning”. I ended up ordering the Spicy Chicken and white rice, a side salad also came with it.


I was able to sit and watch the chef prepare my food or gather my drink and condiments as I waited. The process of them cooking and bagging my food ( I ordered to go) wasn’t a long wait either. So if you’re in a rush it’ll be fine.

I got everything I thought I needed and like anyone else probably more than what I needed ( hahaha ). I’m not sure why we as people do this when we go out to eat somewhere we need extra napkins and sauces. But OH WELL (sigh). When they called me for my order I checked over it and everything was right and very hot. It smelled so good I couldn’t wait to dig in.

Spicy Chicken and White Rice

There was soooo much food that came with this plate. I just knew I’d be fat and full and that was all I needed. I used extra teriyaki sauce and hot sauce for the chicken and rice. I really love spicy food so it’s like second nature to add more. I used the sesame seed dressing for my salad. Once I stuck my fork in this plate it was over before I knew it. I think the plate won. It took me down so fast. I couldn’t eat it all, so I had some for later. Everything blended so well. It was exactly what I had expected it to be. I’d give this establishment a 9 until I taste more (haha). Anything I like I often visit over board the first few weeks. I look forward to this journey.

Food by: Koriyaki Asian Grill of Irving

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PF CHANG’S got a new menu!

I recently went out to P F CHANG’s and had dinner. No, this wasn’t my it’s time but CLEARY it had been a while. They changed their menu! There was an item they had previously that I wanted to venture out and try but unfortunately I didn’t have that chance. I visited a location in Dallas, Texas.

One item that was either new or I had not ever tried was the Chili Green Beans. Ommmggg. They were sooooo good. As I’m sitting there with my Bourbon Sour, all I could think about was getting home and having these again. Now I had not asked anyone about them. I’m like seriously sitting there thinking about the wonderful flavors coating my tongue. I couldn’t wait to get home and try this for myself. I also had one of my favorites, the Ginger Chicken & Broccoli with white rice. I’m such a fan of ginger. I think it’s very underrated and not used enough. I must’ve been hungry because I scuffed all that food down ( smh lol).

I want to share with you MY recipe for this dish. I must say taste very similar. Even a client I help with meal preps enjoyed it as much as I.


2 Bulbs of Garlic

1tbsp Fresh Diced Ginger

2tbsp Soy Sauce

2tsp Red Chili Paste

2 tsp Chili Garlic Sauce

2tbsp Sweet Chili Sauce

2tsp Fish Sauce

1tsp Oyster Sauce

1tbsp Olive Oil ( you can use vegetable oil)

1tsp Salt

2cups Fresh Green Beans

Cut ends from the green beans. Sit in cold water for 30 minutes. Fill a pot with water (enough to cover green beans). Place green beans in and put pot over medium heat on the stove. Add salt. Allow to boil. This will allow for the beans to soften.

While the beans are cooking prep your sauce. Add remaining ingredients to a bowl and mix well. Place to the side or the refrigerator until ready for use. Once the beans come to a boil check the tenderness. Make sure it’s to your likings. I cooked about 6-7 minutes total. Remove from heat when ready. Add the sauce to a sauce pan it will start to come to a simmer, then add the green beans. Allow the flavors to incorporate and the green beans to cook a bit. I allowed them to simmer for ten minutes. Plate your dish and serve. I promise your kids will love them and come back for more.

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Mason Jars on the go

Mason jar salads are so easy and fun to make. It’s almost like a finished art piece once you’re done stuffing it with yummy goodness. If you’re into meal prepping, this is for you. If you’re always on the go, this is for you. If you wanna eat better, this is for you. Looking to save money, THIS IS FOR YOU! I started making these just for those who wanted to meal prep, but then I saw a need for others as well. The fun thing about mason jars is that you can put almost anything inside of them. They’re also great for keeping your food fresh for a longer period of time. The compact size of the jars make it easy to pack in small places. The downside to this is that if you drop your jar, you’ll be cleaning up more than food and can possibly cut yourself. It’s glass people!

To help you better prepare this lunch or dinner prep get all of your ingredients you would put in your salad. Leave out the dressing unless you want a soggy mess. I would put seasoning in the salad either as some can cause the lettuce and veggies to sweat then causing it to wilt. Eww, that’ll be nasty. The key to doing this salad in my opinion is placing the veggies and fruits in first at the bottom. You would add your lettuce next then follow with your meat choice. If I was using eggs or cheese, they would be at the top with the meat. As for your salad dressing you can make some or purchase and just pack in an separate container. Oh and don’t forget your fork!

Shrimp salad

Unless you’re allergic to shellfish, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a little seafood. Let’s be honest, shrimp is like the go to if all go tos’ in the seafood world. Allow the shrimp to cool prior to placing them on top of your lettuce. In the meantime let’s start packing your jar. I added bell pepper, cucumber, cilantro, broccoli , and carrots at the bottom. I then placed my lettuce and shrimp. All of those ingredients combined made such a pleasant smell. There’s a lot of health benefits in this jar. There’s also enough protein and fiber to help you feel full.

Chicken salad

This is a oldie but goodie as for the type of salad. I have been eating Chicken Salads since I was a little girl. It’s one of my grandmother’s favorite. The one thing I love about chicken salads is that you can cook your chicken any way you want for your salad. For this salad, I wanted the chicken tender and juicy so I used an indoor grill. I recommend a small indoor grill or a heavy duty grill pan that can be used on a stove. They can be purchased at your local Walmart. I layered the jar with some of my favs. I started with carrots, purple onion, a few green onion, baby tomatoes, cucumbers , and Kale. The only seasoning used was for the chicken during the cooking process.

Ham & Salami

Doesn’t this just make your mouth water? This is the big boy “Dundahda“. The flavors that hit your palate with this salad is enjoyable in every bite. Ok let’s see, we have some bell peppers, olives, cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, broccoli, lettuce, and BACON. I used Black Forest ham and hard salami. This salad does have cheese. I used Cheddar and Parmesan. You can use fresh Parmesan if you like.

Fruit Salad

You might know by now that cilantro is in high demand over here. Cilantro is small but the flavor is undeniable. If you’re not a fruit fan this may not be for you. To my fruit lovers, let’s get it on. The layering of this salad can be done any way. I placed pineapple at the bottom because it was the biggest of all the fruit used. Each layer I sprinkled a little cilantro on top of each layer. Fellas, if you make your significant other one of these for their lunch or to snack on , you’ll be sure to earn some points. My fruit cup also contains strawberries, blackberries, grapes, and kiwi. The mason jar will hold the fruit longer without the fruit getting soft.

Well there you have it. My top four salads made simple in a mason jar. Mason jars can hold other foods or liquids. You may even enjoy some other serious DIY with mason jars.

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