Don’t just taste it…EAT IT!!!

I’m super excited to take my talents to Patreon. I want you to come on over, come on over to my place. Let me entertain you with food, drinks, and dancing. Cause if the food good you should definitely be dancing. I’ll have recipes for you as well from my cookbook “Food Love”.

It’s quick and easy to subscribe and everyone’s invited. I want to see you there. I want to chat and have fun. You’ll need a full plate to handle me and what I’m bringing.

Easy Chicken Quesadilla
Juiced Cucumber Pineapple Margarita

Let’s eat and have fun. Remember I don’t want you to just taste it… I want you to EAT IT!!

Best Instagram Hashtags for Food Bloggers


With instagram allowing up to 30 hashtags per post, this makes it easier for new people to find your page. There are many hashtags that people follow on Instagram. One of them being “#FoodPorn”. If you type this into the search bar on Instagram you will find that you can follow or view other post where people have used this tag. Many big social media accounts will not use all 30. This is because they already have the audience they’re needing. However if you are new or wanting to grow your audience, this is the way to go.

Hashtags can be used over and over. I sometimes will go through my post to see which has done well and use the hashtags from that post. If you have a business account you may also check the analytics to see how well the hashtags did for your post. When you’re building your page it can be important to start off isinglass the same tags to make a presence for yourself. The same people following those rage can start to see you often, giving them curiosity to your page.

Example of my hashtag analytics

Hashtags aren’t the only thing that will help attract and hopefully get followers to your page. You also want to make sure you’re posting a good photo. You don’t have to get an photographer but it can help if you are not good at taking photos. Recently I uploaded a photo of my yummy cookies that I sell on my website It was an old photo I had taken and never used. However it was nice enough I thought it may just do ok. To my surprise, with the right tags and great photo it did awesomely.

Check out my photo I used to get an idea of how to post different photos to Instagram.

I post one or two photos a day to my main page giving me the ability to achieve more traffic for the day. I’ve also used hashtags in the Instagram story to show my products like my cookbook “Food Love”, which is also available on Amazon http://Food Love: FALL IN LOVE WITH EASY FRESH RECIPES

To get the more traffic to your page, use these hashtags for your Instagram food blog/ foodie page.

Pick your own, farm visit

Who knew how fun and relaxing picking your own fruits and vegetables could be! I live in Texas where many people have farms that supplies our local markets and some grocery stores with fresh fruits and vegetables. This day and age eating correctly is one of the most talked about subjects. Now that I’m juicing I felt great about this opportunity.

Pick your own farms allows you entrance on the farm and the opportunity to experience actually picking your own goodies. Not all farms have the same thing. What I’ve learned is that Texas has many berry farms. Strawberry, blackberries, blueberries type fruit. I did find some that offer other options as well. There’s a total of 32 pick your own type farms in Texas. My plan is to visit them all.

The first farm I have visited this trip was Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm. It’s located in Pilot, Texas, which is about an hour away from Farmers Branch/Carrollton, Texas. They can be found on Instagram and Facebook. The day at this location is started at 10AM and last until everything is all gone. Which on my visit took about an hour. I made it there around 10:10 A.M. and I was late! There were so many people already there. So I highly recommend getting there early.

Strawberry plant

Besides the picking of the strawberries they also offer jam and ice cream. There are rules for picking. The pricing is $7/ per pound. Since you can only pick the ripe strawberries and I was late, I didn’t make it out with any strawberries but I did get a plant. There is a line for you to purchase buckets then you go picking and come back to another line to weigh and pay. This is the time you would purchase any extras offered like the jam.

I wasn’t too bombed out about not getting any fruit. The experience itself was so much more rewarding. Plus they had a few props for picture taking, which I took full advantage.

To see my full trip, watch it on TikTok and see all the fun I had. One farm down 31 more to go!

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Juicing done different

I have been trying to be more observant and knowledgeable about what I eat lately. Well for the past 3 years. I’ve done diets, I’ve fasted, I’ve been vegan, and everything in between. However 3 years ago I decided telling myself “let’s diet” wasn’t what I could continue. For me that term simply didn’t work. It put more stress on me than anything. That’s when the light came on and I said yes to watching how I eat.

When I decided to watch what I ate, it changed things and I started to feel the difference. I felt more energetic for one. I changed things like not eating heavy foods after 8 and if I did my meals early in the day were light. For instance I wouldn’t eat crab legs and all the butter late at night. If so salads or something light during the day. I know I know. This can sometimes be hard to plan out. However if you try it’s better than not.

During my eating changes I noticed that I would normally order a drink with my food. Like an adult beverage. But paying attention to what goes inside me stuck in my head. With my changes I began juicing. One day I got the bright idea I could make a better drink using fresh ingredients and they would taste just as good. So that’s what I did.

I am offering these recipes for those who want to watch what they put into their bodies and those who’s looking for other options when it comes to having a good drink. Please enjoy and drink responsibly.

Cucumber Pineapple Margarita

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Texas Fruit Punch Recipe!!

If you know Texas you know we love our tea’s and drinks. I want to introduce you to the newest wave that’s been hitting the streets and taking over everyone’s home. It’s our Texas Fruit Punch. This punch has a blend of juices with fresh fruit it’s just soooo good. Especially when you add something extra for the adults! Share this and experience the newest summer drink.

Texas Fruit Punch

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New Cookbook on Amazon!!

By: Hodge, Natiala

Many of my best childhood memories somehow involves food. Food can be many things. A love, a comforter, nutritionists, etc etc. For me, food is what excites me, what allows me to open my mind to new things, experience different cultures, a railroad to an common ground. Food makes me dance. And let’s just say when I don’t have it there’s about 15 minutes before I change into a whole new being lol. I mean I’m just an angry bird when hungry. As I’m sure we can all say.

I often put meals together just to see the expression on ones face. I’ve taken great pleasure in pleasing people with food. I can only hope by sharing this cookbook it makes you dance and celebrate.

This cookbook offers some great ideas for any lunch/dinner or a get together. Maybe just a night alone even. Dive right in, let’s move our hips and cook!

I would love the opportunity to share this amazing cookbook I’ve worked on. It’s now on Amazon and if you’re a prime member you know you’ll get it quick.

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