About Us

We’re a Texas home grown company that enjoys good food and making good food. My story may be familiar to some but here’s how we got started~ from the Chef.

In 2015, I was working at a corporate office as a Lease Analysts.

Because of the low selection of tasty food and fellow employees who failed to stop and grab breakfast, I decided to start making muffins and small snacks and sell them. It was a HIT! After my shift changed it open time for me to offer full meals to cater for lunch. Which I called “Lunchbox Wednesdays.” I had a good run, but at the same time, I got depressed. Depressed because I could see how I wanted to spread myself over the DFW area, but I couldn’t keep the food warm.

My mom went out and bought items that could help me travel, but it was only a temporary fix. As time went by another shift change at the office came about. This took away lunchbox Wednesday’s. Things in my life were up and down with family, my child, finances, my faith, and work. I took a break for almost a year. I started reading different books on different subjects but all about business. I became encouraged. Fast forward to two years later I’ve become pretty comfortable in the strides I’ve taken.

I hope that you enjoy the food talk!