COVID-19 Detox

As 2020 has started out horrible, we’ve now been hit with a virus. While I always believe in self care, now it’s more important than ever before. People are actually dying everyday. This virus has claimed the lives of people all ages and every race possible. Whether you take it seriously or not having a detox is good for more than one reason. We’ve learned that COVID-19 can be killed off with vitamin C, heat, and vitamin D. We have also learned this virus is very much common to Pneumonia. Like many, I’ve decided to use a common flu detox that can help keep you healthy and COVID free.

This detox is very simple and anyone can do it. However if you have any allergies or health concerns regarding ingredients used please DO NOT USE. The orange will be used to get the vitamin C. Ginger is used to help with sore throat, it’s also an anti-inflammatory. I used onions because it’s another source of vitamin C. Onion also is attached to an ancient Chinese remedy to place cut onions in your socks to draw out viruses. While this has not been proved it’s still a remedy used today. What many do not know is that Turmeric is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The benefits of all of this can be very beneficial to your health.


Cut all the shown ingredients up and grab some water and a pot. For the orange YOU ONLY NEED THE ZEST OF THE ORANGE. For the turmeric, if you use the grounded kind measure out 1tsp (teaspoon). Combine all the ingredients and allow it to come to a boil. The steam is what you and your guest will inhale and breathe in. It’s good to at least try and inhale this detox for 3-10 minutes. Yes it can be hot, so if you can’t do the full time take a break and come back.

This detox can also be turned into a detox that you drink by adding a little honey. I allowed this mixture to come to a boil. Before anyone could lean their nose over it I poured some out. For the drinkable detox I only took out 1tbsp (table spoon). This is the reason I didn’t add much honey. You can use any honey, my option was organic raw honey. Simple mix the honey and the detox together. This detox can be done daily. You may also use it as a hot toddy or as the same tablespoon if you happen to come down with a cold/flu. To do this, drain the mixture and store the liquid in the refrigerator. DRINK WARM ONLY.

Please, whatever you all do, please stay safe.

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